Kerry Cissell & Melissa Harlow

Joined Metro in 2012

After moving to the area in September 2012, we were seeking a church that had a passion for social justice, a strong sense of community, and was open and affirming to all. We were drawn to Metro because of what the Sunday church does Monday thru Saturday. Seeing the church transform to a weekly clothing closet, food pantry, tutoring center, rooftop garden, etc. we were excited to begin serving. Our first Sunday there, we found a warm sense of family and an uplifting community. We felt wanted and valued. We attended a couple churches in Manhattan after our move, and Metro was the first church where we felt immediately included. People invited us to lunch, asked us to volunteer, learned our names, and understood the loneliness a couple might feel moving from the Midwest. We found a family in a city where we had none.

Alan H. Green

Joined Metro in 2012

Metro is an answer to my prayers (and my mom's). Its so nice to have found a church in NYC that I go to because I actually want to go and not simply because I feel like I should go. And it's been a long time coming for me. I have lived in NYC over the course of the last 13 years and have attended many churches all over Manhattan. I feel a little like Goldilocks....most of the churches were a little too this or a little too that but Metro was 'just right.' 

If you are looking for a church that loves God and can love you exactly the way you are then Metro is the place for you.