Since March 2020, Metro has been gathering online via the Zoom platform. Anyone is welcome to join us via this link. We hope you can meet with us. You may also sign up for our weekly e-letter for information about mid-week devotionals and gatherings. If you have any questions about joining us, you reach us at: mbc@mbcnyc.org

Worship at Metro

Worship is the center of our life together. In worship, we hope to provide a space and time for each of us to encounter God. This happens each week not only in the word and music of our service, but also in the warmth of our relationships with one another and the activity and energy of our gatherings.

If you join us for worship at Metro, you can expect to be noticed. You will be greeted warmly and invited to share some bagels and coffee (before or throughout the service). You’ll find a seat in our beautiful sanctuary – which still bears the ceiling murals and stained-glass windows of its Polish Catholic origin. Our worship place's emphasis on excellent music, thoughtful preaching, engaging creative elements, participation from the congregation, and time each week to share our joys and concerns with one another. 

At Metro, we seek to be “liturgical" in the best senses of the word. At base, “liturgy” means “the work of the people.” Worship is not the work of any leader or minister, but work we do together. To that end, in addition to the leadership of our pastors, worship is planned each week by many church members and participants that make up our Worship Committee.

covenant of concerns

Each week our church members share their prayer requests during the service so we can lift them up in prayer throughout the week.  You can find the prayer requests from last week's service in the bulletin.

How can we pray for you?  Email your request here.


Metro is proud of a rich history of excellence in music, with congregational and choral singing that matches the beauty of our worship space. We draw on the many talents of a congregation filled with singers, actors, and musicians of all kinds. Our music is rooted in the classical tradition, but our worship reflects an openness to the many traditions represented in our congregation. A single service might include hymns and chorale pieces alongside choruses, spirituals, folk music or a well-placed showtune.

Our music ministry is led by Anita Massengill, a longtime Metro member and experienced church musician and Brett Kristofferson, a church pianist who just happens to be an award-winning NYC songwriter.

Our choir meets at 10:00 Sunday mornings.  All are welcome.