While all our members are vital for their voices and leadership, some members represent the church in specific positions of leadership and collaboration with our staff. Our Trustees provide administrative leadership, while our Deacons provide pastoral leadership. 

2022 Deacons

Carole Collines (Chair), Ronnie Adams, Joe Bergquist, Alan H. Green, Dan Henkel, Julia O'Brien

2022 Trustees

Ben Peery, (Chair), Laura Bergquist, Stephen Bouchard, Dick Tye, Laura Voss, Olga Yakshov


At Metro, we believe that all Christians are called to use their gifts in ministry. There are lots of ways for you to invest your gifts and passions in ministry here.  Some are listed below. If interested in being involved or having more info, email us at mbc@mbcnyc.org and the committee contact will be in touch.

  • Children & Family Ministries

    Care for our children and support our parents/caretakers by volunteering occasionally in the church nursery.

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  • Building

    Work with a committee that seeks to maintain and improve the buildings of Metro. 

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  • Farming

    That’s right! We have developed a small scale farm on the roof of our church, which will supply area food pantries with fresh produce. We would love for you to be involved.

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  • Service

    Love our neighborhood and the larger city. We have an active program of social ministry through Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries and we’re always looking for volunteers. 

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  • Worship

    Help to plan and/or lead weekly worship services and special events. 

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  • Hospitality

    Help to plan events of fun and fellowship for the Metro community. 

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  • Communications

    Be involved with a committee that focuses on spreading the word about Metro through web, print, signage, and other media. 

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  • Sanctuary Arts

    Help to enrich the life of the congregation through dance, music, theater, painting and other artistic expressions. 

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  • Christian Education

    Support and grow the educational program of the church by helping with Sunday Bible Study Hour, seasonal Bible studies and other educational programs.

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